Monday, 8 July 2013

YooTheme Neo Template v5.5.15 for WordPress For Free Download
YooTheme Neo Template v5.5.15 for WordPress
Enjoy Neo, the latest YOOtheme template. Neo comes with three basic themes, each of them has different color variations to choose from. They contain a plain variation, a gradient variation and a retro variation. This makes it suitable for all kinds of websites, from stylish individual blogs or portfolio websites to impressive business sites.
Again we implemented some new features in this template. We put in a broad range of module variation, for example the brand new transparent glass style, an additional list-style called “hoverbox” and our “retro” and “gradient” variations make use of the Google webfonts API, which can easily be switched off in the template settings, if needed. We also use the new ZOO template for the blog app!